• Road and Gravel CrMo frame kit

    GB02 is a high end CrMo frame kit which differs in many ways from the mainstream. We wanted to create a frame which would be comfortable , efficient, and very fun to ride. We also paid a lot attention to the sharp overal shape, and to many cool details. The result is a unique frame with no equivalent on the market. The Groadvel concept is no stranger to this, since this frame is 100% versatile. It allows you to set up your bike depending on your ride, as a road endurance or as a gravel one. And you can easily switch from one version to the other whenever you want.


    Every Goblin Bikes frames features the GB monogram on the rear triangle plate.

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    Well, yes it's just a flip flop dropouts. But we made it as small and elegant as possible, and it's actually a real game changer!


    Moving the rear wheel backwards to increase tire clearance was a simple idea... which required to find a smart solution to move the brake caliper. So here its i : our Magic Adaptor, from short CS/ 140mm rotor to long CS/160mm rotor.


    We learnt from experience that the seat tube slot must be as far as possible from the tubes jonction. Okay it looks far enough, right ? We also positioned it on the left side to protect carbon fiber seat posts from excessive tightening torque.

1 FRAME = 3 BIKES (1)

Our GROADVEL concept allows you to build up to three different
bikes with only one frame.

Flip the dropouts to the short position, and you get a pure endurance road bike, featuring the standard Ritchey Cross fork .

1 FRAME = 3 BIKES (2)

Our GROADVEL concept allows you to build up to three different
bikes with only one frame
Flop the dropouts to the long position and your bike becomes a versatile gravel one, still featuring the Ritchey Cross fork.
Yes you actually have two different bikes in your garage. Well you can't ride both at the same time. But, be honest, have you ever ridden two of your bikes simultaneously?

1 FRAME = 3 BIKES (3)

Our GROADVEL concept allows you to build up to three different
bikes with only one frame.

Okay, you wanna go even more off-road? Then you can opt for the bigger Ritchey Adventure fork. It can be the standard feature when you purchase your frame kit, or an extra fork for an even more radical gravel set-up, even starting from the road endurance version.


CrMo tubing

At Goblin Bikes we believe that CrMo remains the best material for some kinds of riding. Its elasticity provides a unique feeling -people use to say that they feel that the bike is "alive". It makes it particularly interesting to use on endurance road bike, travel bikes or gravel bikes. And if you never experienced it so far, you would be surprised by the global efficiency of the frame, with that unique ratio between performance and comfort.

1-1/8 steering

1-1/8 steering? On a co called modern bike? You kidding? Absolutely not, this was actually something very important to us. In terms of aesthetics, GB02 is elegant with a nice balance in the tubes proportions, and a sharp overal shape, which makes it really unique. On the technical side, oversized head tubes on steel frames bring zero benefit, if not extra weight. Obviously this design limits the choice of forks, but we use those very nice Ritcheys. So what else ?

Modern efficiency

At Goblin Bikes, our goal is to create bikes suitable for long tours, therefore comfortable, fairly light, responsive and with a geometry that makes them fun to ride. We don't pay attention to ongoing technical trends. Since we are looking for the very special blend described above, we focus on overall effectiveness. This is our conception of performance, beyond numbers and fashionable techniques. And that's why we say that our frame is efficient rather than performing. Efficient means it ticks all the boxes, the have fun one not being the least important.


R Reach mm 376 390 412
S Stack mm 554 577 599
A Seat Tube C/T mm 435  500 530
B Effective Top Tube mm 535 555 575
C Head Tube L mm 140 160 180
D1 Chainstay Short mm 415 415 415
D2 Chainstay Long mm 430 430 430
E BB Drop mm 80 80 80
F Head Tube° ° 70 71 71
G Seat Tube° ° 74 74 74
H1 Wheel Base Short mm 1006 1018 1036
H2 Wheel Base Long mm 1021 1033 1055
I Fork Length mm 383 383 383
I Fork Ofset mm 47 47 47
standard > 27.2 mm IS42/28.6 - IS42/30 T47 - 68mm FLATMOUNT 140 142*12 / 100*12